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I don’t know any business person that would act as rudely as a certain male worker at a public service establishment did today. Since my printer no longer works I have to go to the local Alpha Park Public Library whenever I have the need to print; like I did today. Normally the printing kiosk is supposed to charge you when you go over the five free pages, but often if from separate documents, the extra pages go unnoticed. A normal person would think, “bonus!” and just walk out. Me, being an honest person, I walk up to the front counter and say I had five pages and hand the guy my fifty cents. The younger man types on the calculator and says it’s $0.75. Surprised, I remind him that the sign by the printer said the price doesn’t go up to 15 cents per page until the 8th. He gets on the phone to ask someone and she confirms the higher price. I admit I only have $0.07 more with me. [Well they accept credit cards.] It’ll cost me an extra $2.00 to use it! [Too bad] Wow! If I hadn’t found a dollar in my purse I’d been charged $2.00 extra for the $0.25 I owed. He couldn’t put it on my account for later?! [NO!] He couldn’t just let it go?! [NO!] Wow! What has become of the character of our society? It’s no wonder there is a special section in the paper entitled “Random Acts of Kindness”, they are that rare and random anymore that people need special thanks.

Well hopefully it was all worth the effort as one of the coupons I printed today was for a $25 Dollar General Gift card after filling out a survey for On Demand Research.