So for a while before school let out I was watching my friends’ girls. Then their mom switched to thirds and I wasn’t needed. I really didn’t get paid when you add in the extra gas in the car and food but I enjoy helping others when I can, plus my son loves playing with other kids. When school let out I got asked to watch another kid. Once we went to the park and met the family I had previously mentioned. It was a lot of fun. Last time I heard from his mom though was Friday when I’d planned again for a play date with the other family but he didn’t come that day or since. I had thought it would be for a while which would have helped with the bills. Anyways, Dante and I met our friends for McDonald’s, park,yard sales,and an insurance meeting held during a kid’s birthday party. Dante had a blast and fell asleep in the car on way to get dad from work. After a trip to Walmart hoping to get the rent money order, we met my mom at a nearby thrift shop where she bought us a TV stand. Earlier I had gotten my son a desk at one of the yard sales. So the plan is to put his old dresser in our room so we can actually put clothes away and do something with the broken stand holding an unused TV that is currently in our room. Today is our three year anniversary so I am making smore brownies in a bit. Finished his father’s day presents today and just need to make the card. Saturday we are going to a carnival at David’s work. We said no to the baseball game figuring Dante will be worn out enough. Then next Saturday is the first Simmons family reunion so I am excited about that too. Better get back to cleaning up the house and preparing for the evening.


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