How it goes

So a lot has happened…Friday we went out,though roads were unfavorable, to get cash to buy a truck the next day. On way home got rearended while turning left. Our car has been totaled, hers is perfectly fine. I was sick so david was driving. The officer wwho responded interviewed the other driver and the witness who is her cousin. He did not get a chance to talk to us as the paramedics were making sure little guy was ok. (And myself who had trouble handling the adrenalin and couldn’t calm down) Then David was given a ticket! So now we have to go to court and prove it was unnecessary so we can get her insurance to pay. Some have told us it’s a race thing that the officer didn’t want her playing the race card but regardless the damage proves her fault so just gotta find way to present that to the judge. Our insurance will pay off the loan but we’ll still need another vehicle. Then the truck we was gonna buy still don’t have cuz the guy didn’t answer his phone on day arranged so now he says someone else interested so price is higher. Um we’d already have it if he’d show up when agreed. This is similar to the feeling of rape and has me uneasy. The wreck was when went to get money then didn’t show twice and now raising price?! I’d say 3srikes you’re out but even higher price is cheap if runs good and stuff. Ugh just always so frustrating when going good (just got taxes) the bad starts and piles up (satyrday the glass inside microwave shattered); I’m trying to stay positive so the cycyle doesn’t get stuck on bad but turns good…I think it’s working since was gonna have to pay bunch to get car fixed and now itLs being totaled so that we can get out from under the loan. Oh I just pray this hardship is a way for things to start working out for the better…


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