Been a while since I posted; busy maybe. I’ll skip any re-caps and just say anything recent. Had couple job interviews recently. So yesterday I needed a sitter for a few hours while I went on one. My usual sitter up and moved and my back up had appointment so Daddy’s other sister was available. whew! Thought we’s gonna have to take him to a stranger’s place like the mission for first time. Still not much better. Though she’d watched him with grandma before I guess he was uncomfortable at a different house with just her (and his cousin) so he cried for an hour, she said. But then had fun playing. My mom came and took him for the night and said he having a blast and was excited to see Grandpa. I’m glad. Interview yesterday went well too. Had four of us in there so was more conversational. Today’s is a big hiring event; I’ve never been to something like that so a little nervous but oh well whatever. I’m not too concerned since I’m not overly interested in working retail. Just thought since they’re hiring 30-40 ppl I’d better stop by. Excited to see how the week unfolds. Got a busy day ahead of me 🙂


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