So for a while before school let out I was watching my friends’ girls. Then their mom switched to thirds and I wasn’t needed. I really didn’t get paid when you add in the extra gas in the car and food but I enjoy helping others when I can, plus my son loves playing with other kids. When school let out I got asked to watch another kid. Once we went to the park and met the family I had previously mentioned. It was a lot of fun. Last time I heard from his mom though was Friday when I’d planned again for a play date with the other family but he didn’t come that day or since. I had thought it would be for a while which would have helped with the bills. Anyways, Dante and I met our friends for McDonald’s, park,yard sales,and an insurance meeting held during a kid’s birthday party. Dante had a blast and fell asleep in the car on way to get dad from work. After a trip to Walmart hoping to get the rent money order, we met my mom at a nearby thrift shop where she bought us a TV stand. Earlier I had gotten my son a desk at one of the yard sales. So the plan is to put his old dresser in our room so we can actually put clothes away and do something with the broken stand holding an unused TV that is currently in our room. Today is our three year anniversary so I am making smore brownies in a bit. Finished his father’s day presents today and just need to make the card. Saturday we are going to a carnival at David’s work. We said no to the baseball game figuring Dante will be worn out enough. Then next Saturday is the first Simmons family reunion so I am excited about that too. Better get back to cleaning up the house and preparing for the evening.


How it goes

So a lot has happened…Friday we went out,though roads were unfavorable, to get cash to buy a truck the next day. On way home got rearended while turning left. Our car has been totaled, hers is perfectly fine. I was sick so david was driving. The officer wwho responded interviewed the other driver and the witness who is her cousin. He did not get a chance to talk to us as the paramedics were making sure little guy was ok. (And myself who had trouble handling the adrenalin and couldn’t calm down) Then David was given a ticket! So now we have to go to court and prove it was unnecessary so we can get her insurance to pay. Some have told us it’s a race thing that the officer didn’t want her playing the race card but regardless the damage proves her fault so just gotta find way to present that to the judge. Our insurance will pay off the loan but we’ll still need another vehicle. Then the truck we was gonna buy still don’t have cuz the guy didn’t answer his phone on day arranged so now he says someone else interested so price is higher. Um we’d already have it if he’d show up when agreed. This is similar to the feeling of rape and has me uneasy. The wreck was when went to get money then didn’t show twice and now raising price?! I’d say 3srikes you’re out but even higher price is cheap if runs good and stuff. Ugh just always so frustrating when going good (just got taxes) the bad starts and piles up (satyrday the glass inside microwave shattered); I’m trying to stay positive so the cycyle doesn’t get stuck on bad but turns good…I think it’s working since was gonna have to pay bunch to get car fixed and now itLs being totaled so that we can get out from under the loan. Oh I just pray this hardship is a way for things to start working out for the better…


Been a while since I posted; busy maybe. I’ll skip any re-caps and just say anything recent. Had couple job interviews recently. So yesterday I needed a sitter for a few hours while I went on one. My usual sitter up and moved and my back up had appointment so Daddy’s other sister was available. whew! Thought we’s gonna have to take him to a stranger’s place like the mission for first time. Still not much better. Though she’d watched him with grandma before I guess he was uncomfortable at a different house with just her (and his cousin) so he cried for an hour, she said. But then had fun playing. My mom came and took him for the night and said he having a blast and was excited to see Grandpa. I’m glad. Interview yesterday went well too. Had four of us in there so was more conversational. Today’s is a big hiring event; I’ve never been to something like that so a little nervous but oh well whatever. I’m not too concerned since I’m not overly interested in working retail. Just thought since they’re hiring 30-40 ppl I’d better stop by. Excited to see how the week unfolds. Got a busy day ahead of me 🙂


I don’t know any business person that would act as rudely as a certain male worker at a public service establishment did today. Since my printer no longer works I have to go to the local Alpha Park Public Library whenever I have the need to print; like I did today. Normally the printing kiosk is supposed to charge you when you go over the five free pages, but often if from separate documents, the extra pages go unnoticed. A normal person would think, “bonus!” and just walk out. Me, being an honest person, I walk up to the front counter and say I had five pages and hand the guy my fifty cents. The younger man types on the calculator and says it’s $0.75. Surprised, I remind him that the sign by the printer said the price doesn’t go up to 15 cents per page until the 8th. He gets on the phone to ask someone and she confirms the higher price. I admit I only have $0.07 more with me. [Well they accept credit cards.] It’ll cost me an extra $2.00 to use it! [Too bad] Wow! If I hadn’t found a dollar in my purse I’d been charged $2.00 extra for the $0.25 I owed. He couldn’t put it on my account for later?! [NO!] He couldn’t just let it go?! [NO!] Wow! What has become of the character of our society? It’s no wonder there is a special section in the paper entitled “Random Acts of Kindness”, they are that rare and random anymore that people need special thanks.

Well hopefully it was all worth the effort as one of the coupons I printed today was for a $25 Dollar General Gift card after filling out a survey for On Demand Research.


Dante and I were brushing our teeth last night after supper when the phone rang and before I knew it I was off to a job interview. It wasn’t even an interview… I got the job. I think she just wanted to see me and make sure I wasn’t disgusting looking or awful in person but hey I’m friendly and awesome and not bad looking I think anyways so I’ll be starting sometime in the near future once she calls with my schedule. Then this morning I was startily awakened after dreaming I smelled a poopy diaper. Guess I really am a mommy :)

Memorial Weekend

Had a good weekend… my cousins surprised me with a shopping visit and I scored a great-fitting pair of jeans! David found a great deal at Guitar Center’s sale too. Then we went to a cookout and Dante had a blast on the trampoline with the girls. He’s such a “player”.  Sooo much good food too, hope I can fit into my swimsuit next weekend, lol.